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『FISSION and FUSION 分裂と融合』

Taisuke Koyama 小山泰介
Norihito Ogata 緒方範人
Takaaki Akaishi 赤石隆明
Takashi Kawashima 川島崇志
Yutarou Haneji 羽地優太郎
Yuu Matsui 松井祐生
Hayate Ito 伊藤颯
Keita Kojima 児嶋啓多
Sumino Onodera 小野寺純乃
Hiroshi Kato 加藤裕士
Hideki Nomura 野村秀樹
Takami Sugawara すがわらたかみ

Editorial direction: Shigeo Goto 後藤繁雄
Graphic design: Shuzo Hayashi 林修三

「ポストフォトグラフィにおける分裂と融合」text 後藤繁雄
2011年の東日本大震災から、2021年で10年が経過した。それは地震・津波・福島第一原発のメルトダウンによる放射能被害が重なった未曾有のカタストロフィーであり、その後の日本社会に今も大きな影を落としている。この写真集は3月10日から15日まで銀座奥野ビル306号室で開催された写真展「FISSION(分裂)and FUSION(融合)POST/PHOTOGRAPHY 2011-21 3.11から10年目の、写真の今と未来」展のアーカイブであり、このカタストロフが写真をどう変成させ続けているかを記録する。12人の参加者は、3種類のアーティストから構成されている。当時のカタストロフをG/P galleryのメンバーとして現地を訪れ撮影した小山泰介、緒方範人、川島崇志、そして多大な影響を受けた赤石隆明。当時は全く「他者の物語」として事件を体験し、その後、放射能など「日常化したカタストロフ」の中で写真制作を余儀なくされた羽地優太郎、伊藤颯、松井祐生ら若手作家。そして、銀座奥野ビルという東京の銀座の一等地にありながら、ビルの廃墟化やバブル経済の波に抗して保存活動を行ない、なおかつ出身地が東北にあたるなど東日本大震災と個人的に深い関係を持つ者、すなわち、野村とし子、小野寺純乃、加藤裕士、野村秀樹、すがわらたかみ。これら3種類のメンバーが入り混じりながら作品の展示を行なった。それは会場を訪れた者に、さながら「ガレキ」のような混沌の印象を与えただろう。またこの写真集も、展覧会のアーカイブでありながら、見ての通り、通常の写真集ではない。各見開きのベーシックなイメージとなる会場写真は、参加アーティストの児嶋啓多が、iPhone12に内蔵されたスキャン機能により撮影し加工したものだ。

Fission and Fusion in Post-Photography
text Shigeo Goto
In 2021, a decade passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011, which was an unprecedented catastrophe that combined earthquake, tsunami, and radiation damage caused by the meltdown of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, and it still casts a shadow on the Japanese society. This photo book is an archive of the exhibition "FISSION and FUSION POST/PHOTOGRAPHY 2011-21: 10 years after 3.11, the present and future of photography" held from March 10 to 15 at Okuno Building Room 306 in Ginza, Tokyo, which documents how this catastrophe continues to metamorphose photography. The twelve participants consisted of three types of artists; Taisuke Koyama, Norihito Ogata, and Takashi Kawashima, who visited and photographed the catastrophe as members of G/P gallery at the time, and Takaaki Akaishi, who was greatly influenced by the event; Younger artists such as Yutarou Haneji, Hayate Ito, and Yuu Matsui, who experienced the incident as "someone else's story" at the time, but were forced to create photographs in the midst of "everyday catastrophes" such as radiation; Then, there are the members of the Ginza Okuno Building, which is located in a prime location in Ginza, Tokyo, and is engaged in preservation activities against the wave of abandoned buildings and the bubble economy, as well as those who have a deep personal connection to the Great East Japan Earthquake, such as Toshiko Nomura, Sumino Onodera, Hiroshi Kato, Hideki Nomura, and Takami Sugawara. These three types of members mixed and mingled in the exhibition of their works. The exhibition may have given visitors a chaotic impression like "debris". This photo book is also an archive of the exhibition, but as you can see, it is not a normal photo book. The photos of the venue, which serve as the basic images for each spread, were taken and processed by Keita Kojima, one of the participating artists, using the internal scanning function of the iPhone 12.
POST/PHOTOGRAPHY refers to the "present" and "future" of contemporary photographic art, which is undergoing a major metamorphosis due to digital disruption. In the background of this transformation, there is the transformation of visual information through SNS and GAFA. Then there are the accidental catastrophes, such as Covid-19 following the Great East Japan Earthquake, that have shaken modern civilization to its very foundations. These catastrophes have a speed that human literacy in critical cognition cannot keep up with. Will we ever attain the "freedom" that Vilém Flusser predicted? This photo collection is an important work report in the midst of this process.

発行元:アートビートパブリッシャーズ supported by FUJIXEROX
価 格:3,000円+税